Hi! I am Y.T. and this is my blog. I am jumping back into the blogging community because I am at sort of a crossroads politically. I have come to the conclusion that politics in the United States is professional wrestling. The politicians make public addresses, pretend they are mad at each other, then go through a carefully choreographed dance in which the winner was decided before the match started. Afterwards they go to some D.C. bar together and sip expensive scotch, smoke expensive cigars, and tag-team expensive hookers all paid for by us.

I am on a quest. I am trying to find out if my view of things is as backward and kooky as I am lead to believe by the media and pop culture. I am also trying to think through some of the harder issues of our time to hone my views more completely. I suspect there are more guys like me out there that don’t buy into the lunacy being spoon fed to us by the ruling elites.

At this point you are probably wondering what my views are exactly. Over the coming weeks and months I hope to better define what I believe in, but for now, I will leave you with sort of a general guideline as to what it is that I believe:

  1. Unchecked immigration is bad
  2. Equally protected under the law does not mean “same”
  3. The presence of outliers does not change the general nature of a population
  4. The fight in this country is no longer between rich/poor or black/white
  5. The fight in this country is between the ruling elite, and the governed
  6. White people should not be ashamed of their heritage
  7. The South was correct and Lincoln was a douche

If you have found this post and take offense at some of views, feel free to debate me. The only way to learn if my views hold water is through debate. I am sure some would see my views as “racist” or “anti-government”, but those people can suck it. Name calling is for children who have lost the argument and bored bloggers having fun with commenters that disagree with them.


You can contact me at opinionatedyt [at] gmail [dot] com