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Secession: What Will It Take?

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The comments section on this post at Occidental Dissent got me to wondering, what will it take for secessionist sentiment to truly take hold? I don’t mean signing petitions on the White House website; I mean for real political pressure for states to leave the Union. What will it take?

RobRoySimmons suggests:

SN needs to grab the brass ring of moral superiority from the Left, till then its another right wing shriek gang.

So how do we seize moral superiority on this issue? Is it even possible with the way debate is shut down with the word “racism?” I guess that has to be the first step. We have to defuse the IED that is the label “racist.”

I think this is the hard part. I feel like if racism could no longer be used as a WMD to ruin the lives of people, we would actually be able to convince people that secession is the only way out. Then again, if we were able to win that battle, and open debate would finally be allowed, would secession be the only way out? For the sake of this argument, let’s assume that secession would still be the only way out.

The fact that the word racism is used to destroy people is so patently absurd that it is a hard battle to fight. It is completely rooted in emotion and the belief that a person who is labeled a racist is the most horrible person in the world is held onto with a fervor that can only be compared to religious dogma. Facts and reason will not affect people who believe this nonsense.

I had hoped that while writing this a solution would have presented itself, but sadly it has not. This thing truly has me stumped. The only way I can see to change the conventional wisdom is to take over academia and pop culture. Do we have time for the protracted battle to take over these institutions?

Hmmm, it seems this post has raised more questions than it has answered. I’m genuinely interested to hear people’s ideas on this. How do we remove this stumbling block so we can actually talk about secession openly, and on its merits instead of having the debate stymied by “the race card?”



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06/30/2013 at 7:26 pm

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Eyes Open

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As I picked myself up off the ground, trying to digest the previous events, I couldn’t help but wonder, “How did everything go so wrong?” You have heard that the moment before you die your life flashes before your eyes. It almost seemed as if that would be a comfort. Death descending on you in flash, a brief, ethereal autobiographical slide-show, then cut to black. Almost like ripping off a bandage so the pain comes all at once instead of lingering indefinitely. The suffering would be over. I would get to be with the Heavenly Father, and walk His streets paved with gold. That was not to be my fate. I could see death coming, rolling slowly toward me. How long would my demise last? Days? Weeks? Months? The buzzards gathering, squawking, peering hungrily, salivating, do buzzards salivate, I don’t know, but they should. This is my inner monologue damn it, and buzzards can salivate here.

Funny, those carrion-eating sons of bitches were once my peers, my leaders, and my so-called friends. They were the “in” crowd, and I was part of that. They acted as though we were family. They spoke words of adoration, and acceptance. We spent time together, got to know one another, and I had supported them in their endeavors because I believed in them. I believed in what they stood for, and what they were striving towards. How many times over drinks had we airily discussed our vision of the world the way it should be? We wanted a world without hate, famine, disease, or war. We just wanted everyone to get along and be happy; is that so wrong?

I knew I was different from them. Most of them had never seen a cypress tree in person. They had never been to a crawfish boil, driven a pick-up truck, shot a firearm, or said y’all. I did everything I could to show that I was like them. I donated money to the right causes, I started listening to the right music, and saying the right things. I was, for all intents and purposes, one of them. How could they do this me? Why? What do they stand to gain? Are they all so devoid of sin? How is it possible that they in the world could be so perfect as to pass judgment so harshly?

Is it me? Is there really some scaly cold blooded, baby eating monster inside me? Am I possessed by some latent evil spirit that exerts dominion over my thoughts as a punishment for the sins of my people? Is it possible that the evils committed by unknown ancestors dead for centuries have delivered me unto this evil? Maybe so. I mean, in that one flash of a moment I lost control. Maybe that lack of control is some irrefutable evidence of this evil, unbeknownst to me, hiding just below my white skin.

That moment…

That one white hot moment that snapped the single hair holding the invisible sword that hung over my life has apparently made me worthy of eternal damnation in the eyes of the world. That one moment where fear, frustration, anger, and apparently original sin erupted from my white heart and caused to spill forth an unspeakable evil, an unforgivable sin that I cannot take back. When the evil spilled forth, I tried to stop it. Unfortunately, you cannot grasp sin with physical hands. There is no earthly strength that can hold sin back. That evil which must not be named burst from my lungs like the fiery breath of a dragon and immediately filled those who witnessed it with hatred as if I had burned down their thatch-roof cottages, or roasted their cherished family pets.

Those flames ignited the countryside, and spread to all the corners of Earth. It caused the peasants to gather with their torches and pitchforks. They surrounded me, fired their arrows, and threw their stones. I am pierced and battered; bleeding away everything I had built. Standing…waiting for death to take me, and the buzzards to pick my corpse clean, but I am standing.

Funny, I am standing. Death has not taken me yet. That fire that I sent out in my moment as a dragon has returned to me, but it does not burn me. It burns them! It frightens the peasants, and repels the buzzards! This is not the fire of sin and Hell. This is the fire of defiance. Defiance towards those that tricked me into supporting ideals that threaten to destroy everything built by my ancestors. Defiance towards a system that is tolerant of everything but defiance, and the death sentence imposed on my character by the hypocrites whom built that system.

Now, once again in the moment, my defiance gathers inside me, and the flame erupts once again from lungs, and leaves my mouth in a single words: Nigger!

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say that out loud? Shit, I guess I need to go cry to Matt Lauer.

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06/29/2013 at 12:37 am

More Catharsis

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I have mentioned before that I took to writing this blog to help me kind of think through my political beliefs. I have made a few posts with a little snark, but nothing too impressive. I have been trying to figure out why. I figure there are two good reasons for this:

1.) I think the first reason is I have shown some poor topic selection. While I am trying to pin down my voice and explore my Southern Nationalist / Secessionist (redundant? repetitive?) roots, I picked topics that just seem too obvious. How much more can be said about the Paula Deen debacle or illegal immigration? Both are so obvious it has been hard for me to come up with a new spin, so I took the easy way out. Snark. I have nothing against snark in and of itself, but the blogododecahedron is bursting at the seams with snark, and it has all been done before. By me even under different screen names. When a post is nothing but snark, it just smacks of laziness.

2.) The other reason is I am lazy.

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06/28/2013 at 10:04 pm

Homos Getting Married Is A Forgone Conclusion

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This battle was lost when the word “gay” was attached to the word “marriage.” If the argument is that marriage by definition is x then once y is allowed to be attached to marriage it no longer means x. It can mean x or y.  The argument based on the definition of marriage is lost because the definition of marriage was lost. The fight at this moment should not be whether homos can get married. The fight is, much like abortion and drug laws, whether the Federal Government has any say so at all. The unfortunate outcome of that fight will be that the Federal Government does have the authority to regulate marriage because the states have no recourse to fight the Feds. Why? Abraham Lincoln.

The mere idea that there is something discriminatory in the definition of marriage is fucking stupid. A gay dude can marry a gay woman every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Homos are equally protected under the law, so they need to go back to biting their pillows and shut up.

This is just one more assault on the traditional values of white America. It fits together with the government sponsored destruction of families through abortion and removing the stigma from being a single mother, illegal immigration, and multiculturalism. There is no way to stop the creeping decay of society because we live in a world where being a doubleplusungood “racist,” “bigot,” “homophobe,” etc. will ruin your life. Even if those labels happen to be untrue, it doesn’t matter. Once that brand has been applied to someone, they are toast.

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06/26/2013 at 1:07 pm

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James Gandolfini: Martyr for the Nanny State

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I know James Gandolfini (the obligatory explanation that he played Tony Soprano goes here) was a big fan of the Democrats, but I wonder if he knew they would use his death to spur on their drive to make sure people only eat what their told by Big Brother? I wonder if there is a more ghoulish group in this country than the Nanny Statists. They love to use high-profile deaths to push their unrelated agenda. Some nut job shoots up some people? Let’s push gun control while completely ignoring the facts that a) due to “fairness” we don’t stick whack jobs in homes anymore and b) if law abiding citizens trained to carry and use firearms were common everywhere, the incident may not have happened in the first place. Similarly, the Nanny Statists are using the sudden death of James Gandolfini to further their onerous regulation on our health.

The media, as if it were a Pavlovian response to his death, have started pushing out stories that espouse such tripe as, “The take-home message from Gandolfini’s high-profile death at age 51: eat a healthy diet with a concentration on vegetables and fruits and exercise regularly.” And “Gandolfini did it all: lived too heavy, enjoyed his fine cigars and packed in the food. Like a recipe for a perfect marinara, Gandolfini’s life was a perfect formula for a heart attack.” Am I crazy? Am I the only one that calls douchebaggery on this? Sure all the stories have their obligatory statement about what a fine actor, and what a great dude Gandolfini was. I am sure that despite his support of these same Nanny Statists, he was probably a good dude. Why can’t it end at that? Why can’t we just remember Gandolfini in whatever roles we liked best, celebrate his life’s work, and move on? More importantly, why aren’t his friends and family going ballistic over this shit?

The bottom line is this: James Gandolfini did what he enjoyed. The man was a good man, allegedly, and a good actor. If you don’t allow him to be James Gandolfini, then we never have James Gandolfini. Furthermore, how are we, as people, not utterly offended by the media using this man’s death further the retarded agenda of the Nanny Statists? I guess all his peeps are true believers in the cause, and maybe they think its a good thing. Fuck you Hollywood, fuck you media, and fuck you Nanny Statists.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/06/25/3468137/sudden-cardiac-deaths-like-those.html#storylink=cpy

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Just FYI the powers that be are trying to legalize illegal immigration so that any immigration is legal. Thatisall.

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Secession and Me

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As we stand on the precipice of completely giving away U.S. sovereignty to secure the place of the permanent under-class in this country, to secure votes for unscrupulous politicians, and to ensure slave labor for unscrupulous businesses, I would like to expound upon a few lines from my Introduction post.  In my introduction I said that “the South was correct and Lincoln was a douche.” I know that many folks will have adverse reaction to that statement. There are many that would ascribe all sorts of almost supernatural goodness to the name Abraham Lincoln. From “The Great Emancipator” to “The Liberator.” The portrait painted of Lincoln in grade school is that of a messianic figure that delivered the nation from the evils of slavery while holding together both North and South as they were ripping themselves apart. The problem is, none of that bullshit is true.

Lincoln’s true legacy, what he really left behind, is the death of States’ Rights. This nation was intended to be made up of states, each a nation unto themselves, with the Federal Government existing only to regulate trade between the states, and provide for a common defense. The Federal Government was never intended to have the power to make states have drug, or alcohol laws. The Federal Government was never supposed to have the authority to tell the states whether abortion or gay marriage should legal. These matters were to be left to the states. The idea was that if California wanted to have all the legal drugs that it wants, and Alabama wanted to outlaw all drugs, they could do as they please. And if in ten or twenty years Alabama went to shit because of their restrictive drug policies, and California flourished, well we would know who was right. Then the rest of the states could say, wow, look at California, we want to be like that! It provided a way for new ideas to be tested in practice, and to succeed or fail on their merits.

The Federal Government is; however, supposed to regulate immigration. What a bucket full of fail that is. Instead of securing the borders, the government is making sure the legal drinking age is 21, and using the IRS to make sure the wrong groups don’t get tax exempt status. How do we change this? Secession is the only way. Not even necessarily seceding, but the mere credible threat of secession of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico should be enough to keep the government in check. Thanks to ole Honest Abe and his military occupation of the Confederate States of America, the threat of secession is not credible. Secession will mean war, and no one wants to fight a civil war when they are on the side without a military.

Emote whatever you wish about the evils of slavery. Slavery would have died one way or another. The immigration “reform” bill being batted about in Congress will pass because of the collusion between politicians, business, and media despite the fact that most citizens are against amnesty, and would prefer the deportation of illegals. How can we fight against a government no longer interested in the will of the people? A far better man than me has answered that question, and I leave you with his quote:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

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