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James Gandolfini: Martyr for the Nanny State

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I know James Gandolfini (the obligatory explanation that he played Tony Soprano goes here) was a big fan of the Democrats, but I wonder if he knew they would use his death to spur on their drive to make sure people only eat what their told by Big Brother? I wonder if there is a more ghoulish group in this country than the Nanny Statists. They love to use high-profile deaths to push their unrelated agenda. Some nut job shoots up some people? Let’s push gun control while completely ignoring the facts that a) due to “fairness” we don’t stick whack jobs in homes anymore and b) if law abiding citizens trained to carry and use firearms were common everywhere, the incident may not have happened in the first place. Similarly, the Nanny Statists are using the sudden death of James Gandolfini to further their onerous regulation on our health.

The media, as if it were a Pavlovian response to his death, have started pushing out stories that espouse such tripe as, “The take-home message from Gandolfini’s high-profile death at age 51: eat a healthy diet with a concentration on vegetables and fruits and exercise regularly.” And “Gandolfini did it all: lived too heavy, enjoyed his fine cigars and packed in the food. Like a recipe for a perfect marinara, Gandolfini’s life was a perfect formula for a heart attack.” Am I crazy? Am I the only one that calls douchebaggery on this? Sure all the stories have their obligatory statement about what a fine actor, and what a great dude Gandolfini was. I am sure that despite his support of these same Nanny Statists, he was probably a good dude. Why can’t it end at that? Why can’t we just remember Gandolfini in whatever roles we liked best, celebrate his life’s work, and move on? More importantly, why aren’t his friends and family going ballistic over this shit?

The bottom line is this: James Gandolfini did what he enjoyed. The man was a good man, allegedly, and a good actor. If you don’t allow him to be James Gandolfini, then we never have James Gandolfini. Furthermore, how are we, as people, not utterly offended by the media using this man’s death further the retarded agenda of the Nanny Statists? I guess all his peeps are true believers in the cause, and maybe they think its a good thing. Fuck you Hollywood, fuck you media, and fuck you Nanny Statists.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/06/25/3468137/sudden-cardiac-deaths-like-those.html#storylink=cpy

Written by YT

06/25/2013 at 5:38 pm

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