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Paula Deen: The Latest Victim of the Intolerant Tolerance Zealots

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The Tolerance Zealots are at it again. They are out there showing us how tolerant they are by being intolerant of thoughtcrime. Apparently in a deposition Paula Deen admitted to saying “nigger.” News at 11! An old southern white lady admitted to saying “nigger!” Stop the freakin’ presses!

This stuff has become so tedious and asinine. The friggin article reporting the story can’t even use the actual word, and has to replace it with “N-word” like a goddamn child who is going to get punished for saying a curse word. F-word! I can’t believe this MF-word bull-S-word! Hey LA Times! Why don’t you just replace nigger with @$##^& like a friggin comic strip?

You’d swear she got caught by an open mic on Food Network saying, “Hey let’s go lynch us some niggers! YEEHAAW!”

Just as ridiculous, I had not been aware of this, is that apparently Paula Deen’s career took a hit when she announced she had diabetes. Really? Now all of a sudden her food sucks because she has diabetes? She was apparently accused of “putting her career ahead of the health of her fans.” Great, now before an episode of Ms. Deen’s show there will be a Surgeon General’s warning informing of the health risks of eating deep fried butter coated with confectioners sugar.

Hey, all you online Tolerance Zealots, I just wanted to let you know I am going to go snack on some battered and fried pork chops while singing Mystical’s “That’s the Nigga” to my dog. I’m that cracker, Suck it.

Update: Glad we are all about tolerance around here. I guess I should now add the “fired” tag. While I do not know the lady, I would guess that she is a leftist. Between the fact that she is a celebrity, and the fact that she made a whole episode of her show with Jimmy Carter, affectionately calling him “Mr. Jimmy” throughout, makes her seem like a leftist. Another case of liberal cannibalism for thoughtcrime? I hope they choke on the bones.

Update 2: Jim Goad put it better than I ever could at Taki’s Magazine. One of these days I will be able to rite dat gud.

Update 3: Maybe Paula should apologize to Jesse Jackson.


Written by YT

06/19/2013 at 9:50 pm

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